Meet Sara Lyons

By Diana La Counte

March 1st, 2016

Remedy Hair Shoppe is so excited to introduce a series to highlight our talented and artistic clients. Our first Orange County based artist is Sara Lyons. Her busy schedule doesn’t allow for her to come in as often to get her hair done, but Alyssa does a great job at doing her color and making sure Sara does maintenance at home to keep her green bright and beautiful. When Sara walks out, it’s a beautiful shade of emerald green, with subtle highlights and lowlights of the jewel tone. When she walks in to the salon to get her hair done again, it’s faded to an envious brilliant pastel color you’d imagine on a mermaid. We wanted to chat with Sara about her hair and her creative process, from starting big with her nail decals and pins to an upcoming clothing line.

Why did you decide to come to Remedy?

I think it’s because of your blog, actually. I first came here, and when I first moved here, and I saw your blog had local stuff. I wanted to learn where to go and I came in to get my bangs trimmed and I was impressed from there.

Why do you keep returning to Remedy? Why did you decide to become a regular client?

Because I love Alyssa and she does my hair real good. And it’s close, and cute. Working from home I don’t get to interact with people very much so the people that I see who work at the places I frequent are the people I have have relationships with. I had been to other salons in Orange County when I first moved here and I just didn’t feel like I was vibing with these people. When I first walked in here I thought these girls are hilarious and friendly, and I knew this was the place to go.

What inspired you to start your business?

I lost my job when I was 25, and I couldn’t get another job, so I figured I better start doing things for myself. I had existing illustrations that people told me they wanted on their nails, and I knew I could figure out a way to do that.

When did you realize you were an artist?

My whole life, but I never went to school but my mom is an artist and I grew up making stuff instead of playing with toys. When I was in high school I thought I would draw comics for a living but then I graduated and then got a job. I began a fashion blog in my early 20’s and realized my favorite thing about the blog were the graphics than the actual blog posts. When I lost my job, I had no direction but drawing helped me.

You have a huge following and why do you think people are so attracted to you personally and not just your work?

I try early on to be a part of the gallery and art museum community and I realized this wasn’t my calling or where people respond to my art. I’m totally fine where I’m at and the art community I’m in, this is where I want to be. I don’t want to be exclusive or make things inaccessible.

Can you tell us a little bit about your new clothing line?

It’ll be available on my website this year. I’m excited, I would love to continue to grow. I want to make all kinds of things.

How does Alyssa allow you to express yourself through your hair?

She knows what’s best for me, what works for me. She takes extra time on my bangs, and I have the best bangs I’ve ever worn.

Any plans to do anything different with your hair?

After the wedding, I may cut it short! But I would still love to keep it green but it would be fun to experiment.

You can check out Sara’s work on her website and follow her on Instagram. Thanks for chatting with us, Sara!

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Remedy Hair Shoppe

By Diana La Counte

February 2nd, 2016

There are hundreds of salons in the OC area but Remedy Hair Shoppe stands out. I’ve been blogging for a few years but before that I worked in a hair salon for almost 10 years, and even went through cosmetology school. I’ve taken those customer service and technical skills with me everywhere I go, especially when I visit salons. The one salon I keep coming back to is Remedy Hair Shoppe. Original owner Liz handed the management torch this year to Alyssa and she’s done a great job maintaining the Remedy style (and doing an awesome job on my hair). It’s close to home but most importantly, they take care of my hair. They stop me when they know I’ll damage my hair more with crazy ideas within reason, but at the same time, they’ll make my hair dreams come true. I experienced hair loss from surgery and pain meds last year and they were there to help me through it. When you experience something as traumatic as hair loss, it’s not just a strand of hair that falls out. It’s a form of identity, it’s years it took to grew, it what makes me as a woman feel attractive. When that’s lost, you want the best hands to take care of what hair you have left. Thankfully, the Remedy stylists were understanding, they didn’t make me feel ashamed, and as usual, I walked out feeling extra beautiful. When I walk in to Remedy, it really does feel like a place to catch up with friends.